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Friday, October 29, 2004

yeahhs!!! last dae of sch.. so happy.. oso quite a sad dae lorrs.. cos gonna b separated frm my frens.. den took lots of fotos 2dae..... whole kls crappin' arnd.... those 2pid guys played soccer.... while spring cleaning... bleahhs... ms wee is such a blind arse.. she still said we cleaned the kls well.... lols... those guys were supposed 2 wipe e wall... oso nvr wipe.. den wen givin out e report bk tt tym.. i gif her attitude.. lols.. she said i was noisy.. bleahhs.. den she say u're gonna delay the whole kls' tym... den i say.... u see if i care anot.. den she said.. what?... ear gt problem ar? i jiu reply her i said nth... den she jiu said.. ok.. lols... wad sia... but dun wanna quarrel wif her on last dae oso... e whole kls even thanked her aft gettin bac our report bks... den aft tt jiu went 2 move e vball net 2 e pri sch de field dere.. haha.. sutha gave us a ride.... yadanar, huishan and i... haha.. e 3 of us sit on e thingy.... dunno wad it's called.. frm pri sch dere 2 e canteen dere.. stupid sutha went so fast tt yadanar and huishan jumped off.. leaving me alone on it.. and it chiong-ed into e canteen.. lols... wad sia... haha.... den aft tt jiu went 2 jp wif jialin, huishan, yadanar and sharon... den while eating jiu help jialin settle the jersey no. de thing wif kaixin thru sms.. den in e end kaixin nvr reply.. dun hope such things 2 happen lorrs.. we r 1 team manns.. haiz... den jiu walk walk.. tk neoprint.. yadanar went off firx... cos celebrate her sis's bdae... den we jiu continue walk until 5++.. jiu went hm.... den walk until leg muscles all cramp sia... den jiu will really miss my klsmates lorrs.. not all la.. esp tt.... urgh.. yuckks... i tink she go cut her eyebrows... eee... so disgusting.. den aft tt at jp jiu saw her and derek... lols.. last tym wif daryl... now wif derek... lols.. dun care her.. jus dun wanna go same kls wif her lorrs.. and the freakin person... pls lorr.. i nvr offend u lorrs.. dun cum n find me trouble lorrs... freak!

I don't have freakkin attitude 9:51 PM.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

freaking pple tryin 2 intimidate me wif all yer threats?!?!?! whooo... im so scared... bleahhs.. i dun gif a f***in damn.. todae trng so damn tired... slept at 2++ last nite... tok on e fone until fell asleep.. den 2dae trng is kinda slack de... b4 trng tt tym... went up 2 hall 2 set up the net and stuff... den everyone arguing abt wad jersey no 2 tk next yr.. cos getting new jersey le.. haiz.. den my 11.. samantha took it lorrs.. cos she last yr next yr ma...den i oso cannt get 10... or 21... so jiu tk 17 lorrs.. for e fun of it la.. bleahhs den jialin n kai xin aruge oso.. both wanna tk 10.. cos jialin dun wanna tk her old no... which is 2... den kai xin's 9.. hafta let to yingru... cos she last yr next yr... den both jiu gif attitude face... den wen running compound tt tym.. kai xin chiong-ed off... leaving e whole team behind.. den she dunno go whr.. run so fast... haiz... den 2dae nvr train wif main de again... its obvious tt NST biased against me lorrs.. haiz... play under 19 tourney oso sure sit at bench de...sian sia... but had fun lorrs... train e 2 new sec 1s... huimin and yiping...wif huishan, yadanar and yvon... at firx gt sharon de... den coach ask her go up 2 e hall n train... wif e main team tt is... haiz... den aft trng jiu went 2 mac go find him... he studying wif jia jie.. lols.. den i oso nvr go in la.. cos mingli inside.. i damn scared of her sia... dunno y c her... my hair stand.. haha.. bleahhs.. finally tmr is last day of sch.. can't wait for it 2 be all ovr... start a new yr... have 2 whole mths of holidays!! woots~... den dun hafta see all e sickening pple in sch.... freaks... all freaks!!!!!! yucks... can't wait till tmr ends.. but tmr get bac results... haiz... so scared 2 see my results and e kls im being posted to.. sighs... god bless~

I don't have freakkin attitude 9:04 PM.

my doggie... so kawaii hor? =) Posted by Hello

I don't have freakkin attitude 6:12 AM.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

another freakkishly boring dae.... 2dae jus totally slack in kls.. sze, hen and wee rong pon sch... nvr jio me 2 pon 2gthr.. they win liao.. haha.. lols.. den 2dae in kls jus play poker cards... den play a bit of uno.. sian zi bua... den plae 'stress' ( a poker card de game) wif teng huan... lyk e whole dae? cos really damn sian... den zikai and zemin challenge me play 'stress'.. they damn sore loser de.. haha.. den gt addicted 2 e game lorrs.. wa piangs... time pass so slowly.... nearly died in kls.. den b4 recess one period go play uno wif klsmates.. their game started frm 9.. until 10.15 oso haven finish tt round... see them play until so pathetic.. haha... den 2dae open hse... my pri sch gt cum... den saw lixuan's bro... but my bro din cum... cos he hates jss.. haha.. i oso dun wanna b in e same sch as him sia... haha.. den went 2 look for mrs yeo (my p6 form tchr)... she came.. brought her kls... den saw her at canteen.. den she told me my bro die die oso dun wanna cum for e open hse.. hahaha.. lols ( she's now oso my bro's ft).. den saw mr lau oso.. gt catch up abit... den aft recess i brought lixuan go find her... lixuan was so excited wen we saw e tchrs at e hall.. den we jiu tok 2 them lorrs...den ms tham.. anna koh... ms chua all cum and tok to us...den jiu tok abt my results and stuff... den abt my bro....den jiu pei them walk until 3rd floor dere see e scouts play e mini' flying fox' thingy... den jiu went bac kls le.. cos tt tym oleidi 11++.. ms tham nvr ask us y nvr go bac 2 kls sia... woots.. MS CHUA!!!! oso dere... omg... her eyes so electrifying.. hehe.. bleahhs... den bac 2 kls.. jiu continue playin poker lorrs... play until my back went berserk and started 2 ache again.. damn.. e freakkin knee oso.. lols... den play big 2 wif zikai, weixiang (e happy tree friends lookalike... wahahaha), ze min, teng huan and rina they all.... so lame lorrs.. wei xiang damn tyco win de... eeeeeee... haha... aft tt jiu zikai challenge me again... den play until so hiong.. he started slammin e table.. lols.. so lame... den aft tt he jiu play wif zemin... those 2 bodos.... slam e table until vv shuang... den gmin buay tahan.. jiu shout at them ask them shaddup.. lols.. hahaha... den aft sch jiu eat at e canteen wif shifu... den she jiu cum my hse.. play wif jay jay.... she kip laffing lyk gt prob in e head liddat.. hahahaha.. jus kiddin.. den we jiu went mac 2 eat... saw jia jie.... and those sickening sec 4s guys....zhi zhong, alex they all.. yukks...den jiu dun wanna face their direction or else everything i eat will be vomitted out... den jiajie damn lame.. cum and ask me my lucky no... of cos i said 11 la... den i ask him why... den he say... buy 4D... lols.. uber lame... haiz.. speaking of 11.... i next yr cannot get jersey 11 le.... haiz.... samantha took it.... damn sadden.. dunno wad no. 2 tk..... haiz.... den either tis fri, sat or next mon.. got farewell dinner for mdm song (chi tchr) as well as for e whole kls lorrs.. she goin bac 2 china le.. hmmm... my back's killing me now.. argh.. damn... den *u* arr.. mus jiayou worrs... next mon jiu start 'o's le... mus gif it ur best but dun mug 2 hard... same goes out 2 all e peeps takin 'o's tis yr.. especially kor too...sending my blessings out ta all pple tkin 'o's... jiayou! ciaos`

I don't have freakkin attitude 7:11 PM.

shifu tk photo of me wen i was talkin 2 my hubby... haha... Posted by Hello

I don't have freakkin attitude 4:14 AM.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

went 2 skool late on purpose 2dae.. hehe.. in sch oso do nth.. gt tchr relief la... but they oso stare into space wif us.. pple take mp3 out.. or hp out.. they oso dun catch nia.. den i meet cs at market de bus stop at 10.15... but he reached earlier.. so reach sch earlier lorrs..den on e wae saw geraldine running 2 rounds of compound cos she late... reach sch arnd 10.10... den hafta report 2 e stupid OM.. his hobby is 2 catch late de pple..haha.. den cs kanna run 4 rounds of compound.. haha.. cos he late 4 tyms le.. wahahaha.. but actually he didn't wanna cum.. cos he ask yadanar, daphne (sec 3) , me .. and other other pple 2 cum sch late de.. in the end.. daphne they all still slpin.. yadanar in sch le.. jiu no choice.. i dun wanna go 2 sch myself.. so he hafta pei me lorrs.. den i nvr kanna anything cos i gt mc.. hehe.. but e OM dun wanna let me off sia.. ask me gt bring thermo nots... i forgot 2 bring lorrs.. though ydae gt pple remind me le.. blurr sia.. den i oso forgot 2 bring cca form.. haiz.. den nvr hand in lorrs.. whu cares la.. den in kls oso slack.. listen 2 songs.. otherwise jiu slp.. onli last period play big 2 wif sutha, henry, tenghuan and wee rong they all.. aft sch went 2 find vball de.. den they say better go trng.. at least train arm de strength.. den train lorrs. in e end.. oso gt jump spike.. den scared worsen my left knee de situation landing tt tym depend on my rite leg more.. now rite knee lyk oso gt prob.. den i forgot i nvr wear kneepad.. den go dive 2 save ball.. haha.. toot sia.. den yadanar, huishan they all scared lyk wad liddat... den today kip on service lorrs.. my service bac 2 original standard le.. hehe.. den e old witch cum scold me sia.. dunno wad's her prob oso... lols.. can't wait till hols.. dun hafta c tt freakk... yukks.. dunno she les anot.. flirt wif gals.. den flirt wif guys... eeeee... dun care... den sec 1 de tourney pushed earlier 2 next mon.. damn fast.. den tmr we must stay bac train them lorrs.. ours start on 19th of nov... den our firx match jiu versus presby.. totally sian diaoss... haiz.. not sae i not confident.. but e whole team lyk agree tt we'll be out in e firx round.. haha.. cos sutha, jaya and jialin all help combined schs play.. damn... 2 of them most qiang de pple gone le... if no prob still can go onto 2nd round de... guess tts all..... ciaos`

I don't have freakkin attitude 9:36 PM.

another one taken today Posted by Hello

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taken wif siow ai in kls 2dae...  Posted by Hello

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Monday, October 25, 2004

early tis morning jiu went 2 c doc... for my knee... went all e wae 2 bugis jus 2 see doc.. den the doc help me adjust my spine.... den my spine made a lot of cracking noises.... so loud.. the doc said its veri exaggerating... my spine seems veri weak for a teenager lyk me.. bleahhs.. den oso help me acupunctue my left knee.. veri pain lorrs... the pain is lyk... duno how to explain.. den my nerves in my left thigh n calf veri pain oso..... doc say mus go back for appointment once a wk.... den tmr oso cannot go trng... haiz.. scared tchr dun let me play for e under 19 cup.... haiz.. aft tt jiu went 2 eat at shashlik(steak hse) wif my parents.... den daddy sent his belf for polishing... lols.. den jiu went 2 outram dere de polyclinic 2 see doc 4 my allergy... wait for bout 2 hrs? so many pple...my poor doggie kanna locked in e balcony for a whole dae.. den we cum hm tt tym.. he whine until lyk wad sia.... den gt cry? dunno.. den mummy brought him down for a walk... den i jiu help bathe him lorrs.. now slacking in frnt of com... doc at firx ask me can dun go for trng for 2 wks... i said cannot.. cos tourney coming le... den she ask me dun go tmr lorrs... wondering hw 2 climb up e stairs tmr.... 4 storeys... wow... knee sure break wen i reach kls.. den doc say tmr knee will ache more... haiz.. die liao die liao.. somemore tmr will get 2 noe posting results.. haiz.. veri scared..... cla(blss)gt 3As oso got into technical kls lehx.. haiz.. i onli got 1A.... haiz.. dun wanna go 2 sch tmr.. missing him badly.....

I don't have freakkin attitude 6:17 PM.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

missing him badly...

I don't have freakkin attitude 6:55 PM.

urgh... my skin allergy's acting up... urgh... mum wan me 2 go c doc tmr.... dun wanna go sia.. hate seeing doc.. eating medicines.. *yukks*... but it got a bit better.. at least better den last nite.. bleahhs.... knee probs.. sighs.. feeling insecure... dun wish ta care so muchh`.... den ydae... me and sheena ok lerr.. mei shi le.. den its e freakkin shuling whu wanted 2 find me trouble... wad sia... w.a.b.. bleahhs... i din even do anything 2 her lorrs.. freakingly immature.. sheesh... shaiful so funny lorrs... say wad.. punk cannot stead wif non punk.. lols.. tt was so lame.. den he told me all e 'rules' of being a punk.. cannot wear red and whyte shoelaces.. cos it represents nazis.. and punks hate nazis.. den blah blah blah... -_-.... den he told me sth tt was totally OOP... bleahhs.. hahaha.. brudder... dun so lame canns? hehehe.. haiz...........................................................

I don't have freakkin attitude 5:14 PM.

freakingly bored out now.... bleahhs... at hm rotting.. no one jio me out sia... even though tmr no sch... wad sia... at hm rot lorrs.... hmmm.. den jus now zhong ying n her sis came my hse play wif jay²... den arnd 1/2 an hr ltr jiu go hm.. her parents so strict sia... dunno y... bleahhs.. den..... its lyk............................. errs...... i dunno... so bored out.. jus 1 more wk i dun hafta c tt bee yatch anymore... hope 2 b in e same kls as ys, siow ai they all.. but really lorrs.. totally impossible.. and henry and sze they all.. they sure go into the kls of their choice.. dunno bout me.... i dread life so much... how i wish it ends right now.. so sick of it.. e bloody knee still aching lyk nuts... haiz.. dunno wad's wrong.... jus hope nth stupid happens again... and tt he'd be happy... his 'o's results oso must b good lorrs.... haiz.....

I don't have freakkin attitude 3:58 PM.

My boo [Usher feat Alicia Keys]
There's always that one person
That will always have your heart
You'll never see it coming
Cause you're blinded from the start
Know that you're that one for me
It's clear for everyone to see
Ooh baby ooh you'll always be my boo
[Alicia intro:]I don't know bout cha'll
But I know about us and uh
This is the only way
We know how to rock
I don't know bout cha'll
But I know about us and uh
This is the only way
We know how to rock
[Usher Verse:]Do you remember girl
I was the one who gave you your first kiss
Cause I remember girl
I was the one who said put your lips like this
Even before all the fame and
People screaming your name
Girl I was there when you were my baby
[Chorus:][Usher:]It started when we were younger
You were mine my boo
Now another brother's taking over
But its still in your eyes my boo
Even though we used to argue it's alright
I know we haven't seen each otherIn awhile
but you will always be my boo
[Alicia:]I was in love with you when we were younger
You were mine my boo
And I see it from time to time
I still feel like my boo
And I can see it no matter
How I try to hide my boo
Even though there's another man in my life
You will always be my boo
[Alicia Verse:]Yes I remember boy
Cause after we kissed
I could only think about your lips
Yes I remember boy
The moment I knew you were the one I could spend my life with
Even before all the fame
And people screaming your name
I was there and you were my baby
[Chorus:][Usher:]It started when we were younger
You were mine my boo
Now another brother's taking over
But its still in your eyes my boo
Even though we used to argue it's alright
I know we haven't seen each otherIn awhile
but you will always be my boo
[Alicia:]I was in love with you when we were younger
You were mine my boo
And I see it from time to timeI still feel like my boo
And I can see it no matter
How I try to hide my boo
Even though there's another man in my life
You will always be my boo
[Usher:]My oh, My oh, My oh, My oh, My Boo
[Alicia:]My oh, My oh, My oh, My oh, My Boo
[Chorus:][Usher:]It started when we were younger
You were mine my boo
Now another brother's taking over
But its still in your eyes my boo
Even though we used to argue it's alright
I know we haven't seen each otherIn awhile
but you will always be my boo
[Alicia & Usher:]I don't know bout cha'll
But I know about us and uh
This is the only wayWe know how to rock
I don't know bout cha'll
But I know about us and uh
This is the only way
We know how to rock

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my doggie... cute mahx? Posted by Hello

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erms.... weird? lols.. Posted by Hello

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Saturday, October 23, 2004

so tired.. aft trng.. cos of my knee.. can't complain larrrs.. cos i dun wanna c doc de.. mingqi spike den i can't receive cos of the bloody knee dunno wad happened... sighs.. jiu pain.. until aft trng.. even now.. den gmin, huishan, yadanar,sharon, jialin, kai xin n i all went 2 jp 2 eat ljs.. yadanar went hm cos she meeting pay ming and shaiful 2 watch movie.. at firx i oso goin.. but no mood.. somemore gt cell grp..aft tt jiu went 2 walk walk.. plannin how 2 spend our 100 bucks.. hehehe.. jialin n i planning 2 buy boardshorts 2gthr.. but diff design.. den saw lots of other things.. lemme xing yang yang.. lols.. haiz... we now lyk strangers liddat... msg each other veri coldy liddat.. haiz... veri scared tt sth will happen.. hope nth happens.. cos i lurve him 2 much... haiz... haiz.... 2dae oso confirmed tt im in e team for the under 19 cup lorrs... so happy.. iya.. but i sure ish sit at the bench help pple warm seat onli... my knee.. probably goin for x-ray soon... but hv 2 wait for all those referral thingy.. unless pay $80++.. den jiu can veri fast x-ray le... dunno larr... i veri fed up.. tis 2pid knee gimme so much prob.. den 2dae spiking tt tym.. jump until veri pain.. esp e landing part.... buay tahan.. wad can i do or say? sighs.... life is so meaningless................. i fed up wif myself.. let alone him..... sheesh.. sux

I don't have freakkin attitude 4:20 PM.

me lookin annoyed at teng huan( e one on rite).. bleahhs.. hehe.. Posted by Hello

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me laff until pengs at teng huan's lame jokes... hehe Posted by Hello

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